About ANG Energy

ANG Energy Limited was incorporated in 2021 to carry on the business of electric power generation to construct, lay-down, establish, fix and carry out all work for necessary power stations, cables, wires, lines, accumulators, lamps, works and to generate, transmit, trade and supply electricity to the National Grid System to explore, develop, extract, produce, transmit, transform, accumulate, bank, trade, distribute and supply of all kinds of energy, power and fuel by adopting geo-thermal processes, Hydro Powers, Mini hydel Powers, Macro Hydel Powers, cogeneration etc and any process and any source whatsoever and undertake any activity which the Company is permitted to undertake, including as a generating company and a licensee, under the electricity laws for the time being in force and rules and regulations made there under.

The unique part of the working of ANG Energy is as follows:

It will help in the generation of Green hydrogen, which will produce Hydrogen from the renewable resources. The following methods will be used for the generation of Hydrogen:

1) Production through Bio-mass: Biomass is a renewable and clean energy source, which has great potential to replace fossil fuels for hydrogen production. The company will be working on the setups for the Bio-mass plants in such a way to help the important parameters (Temperature and steam Flow), to be optimized by comprehensive consideration of economy and gasification efficiency. The hydrogen yield in the gaseous product is determined by the process conditions of biomass gasification. Thermochemical conversion of biomass waste for hydrogen production is a promising approach to relieve the worldwide crisis of energy shortage and achieve sustainable biomass valorization.

2) Production of Hydrogen through Sewer/ Wastewater treatment

All the necessary measures will be incorporated by the company for producing Hydrogen from wastewater using biological processes. Wastewater has a high organic content making it a good candidate for hydrogen production via fermentation. Possible biohydrogen production methods include photo-fermentation and dark fermentation. In photo-fermentation, photosynthetic bacteria powered by sunlight transform organic compounds into hydrogen and CO2. Dark fermentation is a complex process in which several groups of bacteria participate in a series of biochemical reactions to convert organic substrates into biohydrogen. 

3) Production of Hydrogen through Geo thermal Power Plants

The company will be using Geo-thermal Power plants that can be used to produce Hydrogen by using both water (Hydro) and heat (thermal). There are 3 basic types of geothermal power plants:

  • Dry steam Plants
  • Flash Steam Plants
  • Binary cycle Power plants.

All the setups will be done as per the regulatory terms and conditions for the purpose of generation of Hydrogen.

4) Photoelectro chemical Method:  Under this method, Hydrogen will be produced by using the special semi-conductors and energy from sun-light and with the help of photosynthesis.